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How I calculate my time

Below you will see the prices for my services. I divide my services into monthly and hourly rates, or a complete rate for a specific project. I would like to emphasise that I will always base the final price offer on the realistic time frame that will be required to provide a full and satisfactory service. There will be no hidden extras. For more details, please feel free to contact me. 

01. No hidden or extra charges
02. Fair and honest pricing
03. Prices can be negotiated, so that both parties are satisfied

What's your investment

Real Estate Services

11000 CZKPer agreement
  1. Preparation of advertising your property
  2. Posting advert on specific portals for real estate\
  3. Arrange broker services, if desired
  4. Communication with potential tenants
  5. Arrange meetings with potential tenants
  6. Help in closing rental agreement with lawyers if necessary
  7. Maintaining apartment services

Corporate Services

20000 CZKPer month or other agreement
  1. Looking after all admin work
  2. Registering companies in Czechia
  3. Office assistant servioes
  4. Act as bridge between foreign and Czech companies


Foreigner Services

800 CZKPer hour
  1. Helping you to navigate Czech government systems (eg. immigration, driving license, marriage license, etc).
  2. Acting as personal interpreter when dealing with Czech government services
  3. Sharing my personal experiences in dealing with Czech bureaucracy

Family Services

900 CZKPer hour
  1. Personal assistant for elderly relatives
  2. Companion care services
  3. Arrange family appointments


Administrative Services

750 CZKPer hour
  1. Taking care of communications with clients

  2. Customer service email set-up

  3. Uploading text and images for company  websites

  4. Organising events or participating in the organisation of events

  5. Other admin work companies require