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CallMrsWatson is a premium personal assistant, who for what she lacks in AI she makes up for with a highly  personalised, tailor-made approach to each client with a guarantee of full responsibility to completing the job.

Yes! All enquiries will be treated with the utmost discretion. 

Security of information is just one of the many examples of superior service that CallMrsWatson can offer.

Prices: listed on the website and are calculated on an hourly or monthly basis, or an agreed price for the entire project.

Payments terms: will be agreed with each client individually.

Contract agreement: will be drawn up in the case that both parties agree it is necessary. In most other cases, email confirmation will suffice. 

Getting in touch: Yes, please free to contact me anytime, any place. Each client has different issues, different problems, and as this is a personalized service, it is not possible to list each and every situation. So get in touch! 

what I do

My Services Will Make Your Work More Productive

I am here to support you, save your precious time, and free you up so you can focus on the things that really matter to you.